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 Hotcorn Guide

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PostSubject: Hotcorn Guide   Hotcorn Guide EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 8:50 pm

Hotcorn Guide

There are flames, inside start buttons, thats what you use to hit the things. The flame must dodge water, which will make it restart it. The canisters can hit and destroy anything except steel. Steel is something nobody can go throught unless you have a glitch. Clocks stop time a bit, which is handy. The ices make it were you can go through water for a bit of time. The yellow stuff is sticky butter, which makes you go slow without a lightning. A lightning makes you a bit faster for a few secnds. The green seeds make you slower for a few seconds. A fire makes it were you can hit things from farther away, as it makes your flame bigger.

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Hotcorn Guide
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